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Scalp psoriasis on black skin

Scalp psoriasis In the Middle Ages, psoriatic plaques on the body of patients were called “the roses of the devil.” It was believed that these marks indicate a curse and can be transmitted to healthy people when touched. The tragedy was that until the 19th century. Everyone who suffered from chronic skin diseases was expelled… Read More »

Hair Botox vs keratin straightening Which is better

Hair botox treatment or keratin straightening Hair botox treatment and keratin straightening treatment have different procedures and the products used during these methods also differ. We will discuss both methods one by one and will conclude results to help you in making better choices. Hair Botox Method Required products and their effect The intra-silane molecule… Read More »

Main rules of care for combination skin

Care for combination skin Owners of combination skin have to constantly balance between care products “for dry” and “for oily”. Our rules will help you make the right choices to maintain balance. First of all, you need to decide on which skin is considered a combination. And here everything is quite simple – if the… Read More »


TIPS FOR BODY CARE Try not to be in the water for a long time Take a shower instead of a bath, but no more than once a day and no longer than 10 minutes. The water should be warm, not hot. Black pepper has many positive effects for a better relationship. Use skin-friendly cleansers… Read More »

Best guide for sensitive skincare

The best guide for sensitive skincare Not all women are lucky with skin that easily tolerates daily washing, the use of any cosmetics, sun or frost. Sensitive skin always causes a lot of trouble and requires special treatment.  Care for sensitive skin should be competent, but it cannot be called difficult. It is enough to… Read More »

How to care for oily skin in the summer

Care for oily skin in the summer The needs of the skin may vary depending on the season. In winter, many people with an oily type are faced with dehydrated skin, and in summer, on the contrary, they suffer from excessive fat content.  To minimize the unpleasant consequences of these two polar conditions, you can… Read More »

How to make hair masks at home

Make hair masks at home Dreaming of long and thick hair? Want to try homemade hair masks? Afraid of damaging your curls? You can restore your hair at home in just 1 hour!  Not only professional cosmetics are capable of solving hair problems. Home-made masks from natural products are just as effective. Their main advantages… Read More »

Facial skincare rules, procedures, preparations, and problems

Facial skincare One of the main causes of skin diseases is the disturbed skincare routine or laziness in caring for your skin. If you are not following your skincare routine then surely it’s gonna cost you. Lack of timely cleansing from harmful substances can negatively affect the condition of the skin. Here we have shared… Read More »

How To Know If Your Facial Skin Is Dry The Main Signs

Signs of  Dry Skin Of all skin types, dry is perhaps the most “insidious”. In her youth, she gives so few problems that it seems that there is no need for a beauty routine! However, inadequate or inappropriate care can lead to increased dryness and early wrinkles. There are many homemade face masks for dry… Read More »

Best homemade masks for dry skin and retain natural glow

Homemade masks for dry skin Dry skin needs hydration and nutrition. And you don’t have to go to the salon for this. Home remedies do the job just fine. Cooking does not require significant cash costs, and the results are comparable to salon results. The components of home care such as cottage cheese, honey, and… Read More »